Behind the Wire

Behind The Wire is the annual fundraiser for Ellandar Productions designed to raise funds for the upcoming year.

In 2011 Ellandar presented a theatrical night of variety with monologues, scenes, songs and circus. In 2012 we interbred a Quiz Night and a Picnic, resulting in Quiznic, the most trivial fun ever had seated on a cushion and consuming finger foods.

Each Behind the Wire is about having fun and celebrating Ellandar's friends and family, without whom we could never have come so far.



Team 2011

Iskandar R. Sharazuddin - Direction / Writer / Emcee

Garreth Edward Bradshaw - Assistant Direction

Christopher Grabski - Writer

Josephine Causer - Writer

Elliott Cook - Emcee



Fern Nicholson, Catriona Coe, Nina Deasley, David Jones, Ian Greenwell, Andrea Fernandez, Shiloh Blondel, Georgina Gayler, Simon Frosi, Du Toit Bredenkemp, Una Martha Genuino, Laura Djanegara,  Victoria Luxton, Jessica Hegarty, Josephine Causer, Tain Molendijk, Ruby Hall, Iskandar R. Sharazuddin, Amanda Timler, Renae O'Neill, Jake Jensen, Rowan Mitchell & Para Isidro


Team 2012

Ellen O’Connor - Direction / Writer / Quizmaster

Iskandar R. Sharazuddin - Direction / Writer

Luke Brennan - Writer

Andy Hopkins - Musical Direction



Jo Causer, Ruby Hall, Andy Hopkins, Ellen O'Connor, Bonnie Coyle, Elliott Cook, Patrick Downes, Garreth Edward Bradshaw, Cassandra Vagliviello, Desiree Crossing, Laura Djanegara, Brianna Stanway, Jonathon De Hadleigh, Hannah Rice