The Life of Cardboard

The Life of Cardboard is a short film that premiered at Behind The Wire 2011 on April 23rd 2011 then again at the W.A State Theatre Centre [Studio] on May 14th 2011 associated with the event Underground Films and one final time at the Planet Raw Launch located at Cinema Paradiso on September 7th 2011. In November the film was selected as the featured W.A film for the Future Shorts global film festival and toured through regional Australia. The film was co-produced by Planet Raw, an independent production company in Western Australia headed by Darian Bradara.

Iskandar R. Sharazuddin and Luke Brennan conceived the story, Wayne Nicholson wrote the script and directed the project. Designed as a visual exploration of the themes of a larger project the film is told in three arcs featuring a central protagonist, Carl DeSouza. Each arc sees a different facet of Carl’s life with the textile cardboard. The surrealist nature of the images and visuals are consolidated with a colour grade from Balthazar Media.

The work is an experimental film about a young boy, who finds comfort within the confines of a cardboard box. Or it is a story about magic and super-powers where this young boy talks to cardboard and shapes a brave new frontier of it.



The Team


Elliott Cook - Executive Producer

Iskandar R. Sharazuddin - Executive Producer / Conceptual Designer

Luke Brennan - Conceptual Designer

Darian Bradara - Producer

Wayne Nicholson - Writer / Director

Garth De Bruno Austin - Director of Photography

Phoebe Bennett - Production Designer

Dylan de Silva - Editor

Noah Norton - Colourist



Remi Young - Carl DeSouza [Young]

Fern Nicholson - School Teacher

Dean Kennedy - Dream Destroyer

Tain Molendijk - Street Urchin

Elyshia Yeap - Street Urchin

Luke Brennan - Carl DeSouza [Old]